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Nameless and the Scientist; book 1; The Sky is a Hollow Sea

Softcover| 132 full colour pages | A5 | perfect bound | 20 USD + s/h

Online Preorders are open here!

This book covers the prologue and first chapter of Nameless and the Scientist. It is a story of beginnings where Nameless saves a raven, creates a labyrinth and meets a Scientist.

I’ll also be selling this book at TCAF in May! Please do drop by for a chat, I’d love to meet you in person if you can make it. (I have also revamped my site  where you can read the prologue)


I finally started rereading The Farseer Trilogy and oh my god they’re so young


Merry Christmas ;v;


Quick sketch of Fitz, Fool and Nighteyes before my classes start ;v;


I don’t know why I haven’t seen this kickstarter all over tumblr yet.

Basically Catfe is a cat cafe, like the ones in Japan, that is trying to start up in Los Angeles, CA. They’ve already got the OK from LA department of health and LA animal services to start up their business but they need about $350,000 to get started up. At the moment they only have about $4,340.

But the really cool thing is, its not just a cat cafe! They plan to work with local shelters to house social cats, help them get adopted and help spread over all awareness. They also plan to host special events for local nonprofits as a way of giving back to the community, like children with disestablishes or orphanages.


You’d expect that once its started up it would be kind of expensive to get in with the cats right? Nope! They plan on pretty cheap rates! 


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I was born in the wrong decade, I whisper as I smooth my Starfleet uniform and gaze wistfully at the sky.

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I just love the look of cherry blossoms on cute little cakes. ♥

So dainty and lovely to look at!

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