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Testing out some gold paint today! Sketchbook is looking pretty fancy.


(I do commissions)

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Hi everyone, this is a cover I did for Megan Derr’s book, "Lukos Heat". I had a lot of fun with this one in playing with the fire effects. I can never get enough of it. 




omg Bash said this happened to his friends dad and i’ve been telling everyone about it! This is fantastic

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Come not between a dragon and his wrath.

Guys I’m not even gonna lie to you but I stared at this photoset and for a moment I was like “it’s weird that they only ever have animated or CGI dragons and they don’t use real ones”

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the best moment in tv history

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"Charles’ dad was a collector of random mystical things and books. One day Charles found a book full of spells and symbols. He tried one of the spells and accidentally summoned a (clingy over-protective) Demon!Erik"

another AU i got before bed a few months ago(yay procrastination)

if somebody actually write this i will be a happy snowflake

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"You can believe me"

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You are not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your dad. We are going our separate ways. 

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