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$5 for a $10 Starbucks Card eGift

You heard me right. Groupon is this legit site that basically gives you free money. You pay 5$, you get 10$. The marketing behind it is that they hope you buy more when you go in to the store. Sometimes it works, sometimes you leave after having only spent your 10$ (aka $5). 

Either way, that’s like buying one Starbucks and getting one free. How legit is that?

You’ve got yourself a little under two days to give in to this deal. Come on, you know you’re going to buy yourself Starbucks in the near future anyway. Might as well save 5$.

If you decide to get it, I’d LOVE if you signed up via this link.

(It takes you to a different product, but ignore that ‘yoga’ and just go ahead and sign up. It’s weird like that.)

I love Groupon and I might do some giveaways in the future using their deals. If you sign up via that link, I’ll be able to do more of them.


Did I mention I’m a marketing major who hasn’t had any marketing classes sorry I’m not badass at this marketing thing yet.

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