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The real version of this. I love our rich genius boys together gossiping about their other halves lol, and was thinking about how they try to court Erik and Steve, maybe helping each other or pulling each other’s leg b/c they are kind of into competing, etc. Then Tony made himself an armor, where Charles uses “hey you are mutant, I am a mutant, this is crazy but here’s my number” lines. 

Also remember I was asking about the “Nazi hunter/fighter” grammar question? 

It is because of this:

 just a quick side project, back to xmentale!

Gabbia: “It sounds like a crack version of Gossip Girls” 



Enchanted AU for X-men fairytale, cover

Manage to finish this thing before I head out…now I can start drawing the comic strip heh

I am trying very hard not to think about how many pages I am going to end up with……

Happy McFassy Tuesday!!




X-Men Reverse Bang Prompt # 1023

After finding out he doesn’t going to live long, Erik decided to do things he wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to—including asking his crush out for a date—a stranger who he saw everyday commuting. He didn’t know they would actually be together. Any details up to writers. Prefer good ending: so Erik was mistaken in the beginning.

One of my xmrb prompts! :) 

Unfortunately my writer went MIA in the beginning, so there’s only art here.  Got in contact with her! :) 

I’ve never done this before, so pardon me if it’s not that great. This sort of relates to the plot, but more like years later. 

On Charles’s office desk at school, there is a little jar with a preserved lump of flesh in it. Students pass it by with disgust or curiosity, never asking about it. There’s a label on it proclaiming that it came from one “Lehnsherr, Erik” a few years ago, but other than that there’s no clue as to what it is exactly or who the man is came from could be. Some speculate a step-brother, or uncle, or maybe even their professor’s best friend, but no one is willing to seek out the information. For one, Charles is only personal about his former students and his baby sister. They know that his sister is “sort of” dating an alumni, and there’s no Erik Lehnsherr in any of the yearbooks. In the years since it showed up on his desk, people have passed it by in wonder, forming theories and making up a story about it. A few medical students classify it as some sort of brain tumor, and the stories get wilder and wilder.

Charles clears it up on a Friday afternoon. It was his last class of the day, and  Valentines day to boot. He knew that many of his students skipped for dinner dates and movies, finding his room half full. Most of his favorites are were, including Kitty Pryde and Cassie Lang, putting him a little more at ease. The jar was in his hand, carefully set onto the podium as the class started. “Today we’re going to talk about a different sort of mutation. It’s related to genetics, as tumors usually are, but brain cancer can affect even the most healthy of people.” He started his lesson off with a slide, as usual.

The students listened attentively as he spoke, jotting down notes and watching him tap the little jar every so often. Notes were passed as the time started to go by, and once class was half over, they noticed their Professor walk to the far end of the room to grab a waist coat and jacket. They matched his suit pants, and it garnered a few giggles. Their professor was going on a date after his lecture, which would have been even more amusing if a note hadn’t gone around that he might be visiting whomever the tumor belonged to. The atmosphere in the room seemed to change after that, even as they watched him smile fondly at the jar and straighten his tie.

“That’s all the lecture I have today,” he announced, nearly a half an hour left to the class. Nobody moved, watching him start to pack up. From the back of the class, someone spoke up.

“Professor Xavier, what happened to Erik? Who was he?” Charles glanced up from his paperwork, smiling shyly and closing his breifcase. He pulled up his chair to sit in front of the class, folding his hands on his lap. 

“Erik Lehnsherr is the name of my partner. We’re both far too old for the term ‘boyfriends,’ I suppose. As you all have guessed, this is his. He’s an athletic man, tall and lean, jogged the same route every day for a year before work, save for three or so days. Changed those habits once the cancer was found. Hardly smoked a day in his life, rarely drank until he was diagnosed.” He held the little jar to the light, looking it over again. “He was from Germany, moved here at twenty five to support his mother as an engineer. She passed away battling cancer, the same affliction as he son. Erik’s the love of my life, the only person aside from Raven who matters so much. I watched him jog his route every day before he knew, and then he stopped for three days. The morning he returned, he got up earlier so he could go to Hank’s to get a dozen roses, then jogged all the way to the park where we’d see one another. I’ll never forget how he asked me out.” Charles chuckled, still smiling to the jar. “‘Excuse me, I’m going to die soon and I really like you. Would you go out on a date with me?’ Not the smoothest way I’d ever been asked out, and for a moment I thought he was joking, but he was entirely honest with me. We ended up spending the whole day together, talking about books and chess and our childhoods. It was almost an instant connection.” There were a couple of sniffles from various students, all assuming the same thing.

“I’m sorry for your loss, Professor,” Kitty spoke, her voice cracking a little. At that, Charles looked quite alarmed.

“Loss? Oh no, you mustn’t assume. Erik is very much alive. He has his days, and he had hs days before and after the surgery, but he does well. He only changed his jogging route to accomodate for my inferior skill, and while he used to get terrible headaches and still has his moments of irritablity, I assure you that he’s still with us.” The class all stared, dumfounded by this new information. Their professor was keeping his still living boyfriend’s three year old brain tumor on his desk as if it were a treasured keepsake.


“Well, it’s simple, you see. Were it not for this cluster of mutated cells, Erik and I would never be together. He has no one else, and he didn’t want to be alone while going through this. His high chance of dying from a rare tumor that usually presents itself in children gave him that little bit of courage he needed to break away from the monotany of a life of work and get a little more social. I admit, it’s a little bit morbid, but it brought us together. Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’ve just gotten a text from the man in question and we’ve got a reservation to make. I’ll see you all on Monday.” Charles picked up his things and strolled out of the room, leaving his students befuddled. Erik waited for him by his car, dressed in a sleek black suit and silver tie. 

“How was class today?”


adfj;dsklfj I just really adore your art and wanted to write something for it 

Belated reblog! AHHHHHH thank you for the one shot!!! TvT! This is wonderful!!!! <3<3

Keeping the tumor-in-the-jar on the desk is……so Charles lol


I got (or rather, my sister) the coasters and glasses cloth!! :D They look pretty good!

For those of you who filled out the order forms before, I’ll have those ready soon! And then we will see if there’s more left after the con! I personally really want to touch them lol

Oh my goodness. I’ll totally get the glasses cleaner if there are any leftover. Perfect reason to stop using my shirts to clean my classes. B’aww.



(Actually just for me to know how many in advance, I’ll contact you later for paying info, etc)

$2 USD each, if purchase all 3 it will be $5. (Not include shipping)

Form will be closed the end of this week! I am still working on glasses cloth…we’ll see if I get it done before deadline orz. 

Feel free to reblog if you are interested :) (but to make sure to get one, fill the form)


Postcard print for lovely dazzlin and gataro for exchange :)


X is the most tragic letter; two lines are destined to cross path, but then depart and never meet again.

—The point they met is the brightest moment of their lives. 

I saw that quote online awhile a go (and it was in Chinese), thought that it describes them too perfectly (and X men…X…). Doodled this a while ago too and forgot to post it.


I can’t wait any longer, need to draw him fast and screw my schedule. I don’t care!

(via aliceduikana)


Based on this

Erik goes all dokidoki


Space Jam by Pangea

Pft this doesn’t do the fic justice at all—it is a very good sci-fi fic! Hit right onto all my favorite kinks<3  I only drew the major crew and randomly came up with uniforms *o*

Just found out this is my first time drawing Logan and Scott. /horror Sorry if they…don’t…look…right…