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Retirement sale! $10 when usually $14. Get them while they last!

Includes Sherlock and John as depicted by BBC’s Sherlock.

Size: ~2 inches

Includes: Two cell phone straps, as depicted. May vary in color.


So, a friend and I did this. These are pieces for a game in Doctor Who style with three bonus characters. It took two days but it worth it. The material is Fimo, very easy to use.

In order from the left to the right in the first picture we have:

A Dalek, Donna, River, Rory, Amy, Ten, Rose, Eleven, Jack, Nine, Moffat, a Cyberman, a Silence, a Weeping Angel. Bonus Sherlock and John because yes. And Moffat is the dead one so we made it phosphorescent.


John’s Final Problem.

Inspired by this with permission.


#guys #let’s pause for a second and observe this scene #sherlock’s and john’s lifes lie in the hand of a crazy person #like for real crazy and mad and everything #and all it takes is one look #ONLY ONE LOOK for john and sherlock to agree on dying together #sherlock looks at john #and john just nods #he does not ask questions #he does not hesitate #he just nods and gives sherlock the permission to do anything #even if it means dying #dying by sherlock’s side #GUYS #I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP

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Sherlock and John acrylic charm set ON SALE at $11 for a limited time.

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Sherlock and John acrylic charm set ON SALE at $11 for a limited time.

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Three times Sherlock was sure -

Two times that he wasn’t - 

And the one time he didn’t even get a chance to ask.

Things that are not ok

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