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Chaos’ follow forever 2.0! These people are awesome.
(AKA The people who put up with talking to Chaos on a regular basis)

~holligenet (she gets her own spot because it’s her fault that I even got a tumblr account)

#s-B: ~50shadesofmattcohen, ~ailea, ~all-day-ttk, ~amethystamore, ~augustusrex, ~anecdoting, ~astroize, ~ayarel, ~barefootmorning, barrageofnerdery, ~biky, ~blueberry-bait, ~bouncingbabycastiel, ~buttastic, ~buttonso,

C-F: ~captainnaustralia, ~cloudyjenn, ~cloveriing, ~colt-kun, ~cris-art, ~datbukkit, ~deeeeeeeeeeejackfrostaaaaaaaaaan, ~dicksp8jr, ~dickspeightjr, ~dingodiles, ~doctopus, ~dreamcreek, ~enochnochjoke, ~forge-on, ~furokuro, ~hardcorewingsdotcom

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R-S: ~raelynnmarie, ~recursivities, ~richardspootyjr, ~rox712, ~rubitan, ~rubyred21, ~sassygayangel, ~smiledesu, , ~solo-forever, ~specialshera, ~spiffybug, ~stefanyd, ~stem-cell, ~stopputtinggaythingsinmymouth

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If you changed your URL since the first one I made and I missed changing it you’ll have to let me know. Also, on that note, a lot of people changed their URLs and I have no idea who is who anymore and there are people I would like to be on there but have no clue who they are now ;3;

If you feel like you should be on the list because we talk all the fucking time let me know. It’s possible I missed you or you changed your URL on me

Casually looked through because you’re one of my favorite people on here and literally sat there in shock for a moment when I saw my name.



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whinnychester replied to your post:

Good at art, adorable, made delicious looking pies, and blonde-ish(?)… Plus you already have a Real Life Katniss. Yep, Rae, I think this makes you Peeta. :P

When you put it like that, I guess you’re right.

(I just pointed it out to him and he agreed, hahaha.)


If movies had crappy fonts

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Andrew Garfied tries to prove that he doesn’t have perfect and gravity defying hair. [x]

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Chris Hemsworth | Out & About in Sydney, Australia [18.06.2012]

good god sir


Sometimes you just need to rest your head.