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In case anyone is interested in cosplaying Katniss! 

$10.75 for the pattern (1737 Simplicity) pictured above.

The prints (and more) available for $3 at Morality Check!


District 12 Mucha-esce print in progress.

I keep slapping colors on it and then facepalming at how terrible it looks. So I’m moving on to the next print. On the other hand, getting these done quicker than I was when I didn’t have all this free time. Go Spring Breaaak.


Katniss & Gale Parody by

You can get buttons now and have them in time for The Hunger Games premier next month! 

New Real or Not Real? button added.

 (via THE HUNGER GAMES (Single Button) by Morality Check on Storenvy)

Because sometimes I think I’m hilarious when I’m not.

I made this Pie joke button for myself, but if my fellow Hunger Games fans want one, they’re available at my shop, Morality Check.

Includes Peeta, Katniss, Nightlock, and Katniss (2). (Mockingjay pin not included.)

(Get your very own set via  Morality Check on Storenvy)

Includes Peeta, Katniss, Nightlock, and Katniss (2). (Mockingjay pin not included.)

Buttons are the perfect accessories for bags, clothes, lanyards, and just about any fabric around the house! Add a little flavor to your style.

Size: 2 1/2” (Enlarge for a better view!)

(via THE HUNGER GAMES SET (4 Buttons) by Morality Check on Storenvy)

Katniss button available at Morality Check, along with a few other Hunger Games related buttons. Have something to show your support for the incredible tale of the girl on fire.

 (via The Hunger Games: Everdeen by Morality Check on Storenvy)