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TIP: Tumblr has unveiled @ notifications for users!

Tumblr unveiled a basic feature on its platform today that will make many users happy—if they notice it.

Did you know you can type @ to auto-link a username? You can! And as of today, you can now see notifications when someone @mentions you on your Activity page and your dashboard:


The cons:
- if you have a lot of activity on your stream, forget about being able to find these notifications in the middle of all the other notes
- you don’t get email notifications, at least not yet.
- Tumblr users haven’t really noticed yet! So reblog! Mention people! Talk to each other!  :)

(eta since this is making the rounds: a) we pubbed our article on this before tumblr’s staff blog went up later this evening, so when we made the tumblr post, we missed that it was up. YAY STAFF POSTS we love them. b) we’re getting reports that this feature hasn’t rolled out for everyone yet so stay tuned. c) in case it’s not clear, you have to type @(username) like on twitter for your mention to work!)

PSA You have to actually start typing a letter after @ for it to pop up.

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If you were absent during my struggles don’t expect to be present during my success.

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THGYear1 is full of saps. No wonder none of us won.

  • Christina: colton my heart will be calling out for you the whole time i'm away
  • Raelynn: I'll love you forever and everr
  • Colton: We are all so lame
  • Christina: NO WE ARE NOT OK
  • Raelynn: Hahah
  • Raelynn: ALWAYS
  • Christina: we share our love
  • Christina: real or not real?
  • Raelynn: Real.
  • Christina Elizabeth: omg my heart can't handle this
  • Colton: real