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My life is a series of WIPs…..current project because POROS. When I’m not on top, I like to be on bottom. ;D

Official Court Decision: Perspective is something I simply do not have an eye for. 

Current WIP; a sort of pinup-y drawing. Trying a newish style?

I like painting faces but after that it’s so painful because I honestly have no idea how to paint clothing well. :(

Dean’s face is such a confusing study between really masculine and really feminine and the balance is so perfect and wonderful and I could draw Dean all day long.

Making ALL the buttons for Fanime.

1 year ago on May 20, 2013 at 10:51am

Working on reworking old designs of Teen Wolf buttons and suddenly KawaiiWolfDesu because I can’t draw wolves and got frustrated with it.

forevercreating answered your question: Does anyone have any button requests?

um um. Hm. You should doooo….wreck it ralph characters? idk

Whoops already doing just that.

WIP under the cut.

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Can’t seem to color the Dance Only For Me art to my satisfaction, so I moved on to drawing a lion. How that’s logical as an easier, less-frustrating step is beyond me, but I kind of like how it looks silhouetted with the lines hidden.

Plan to make this Infected: Prey fanart by Andrea Speed. I bought the next book to read (and cry over) before bed tonight. But first, I want to try and draw /something/ I like tonight.

Despite the fact that the series is only going to get more depressing as it goes on, I do recommend this book. I can’t say much for the series since I haven’t read past the first one, but it’s good. Fun and quirky.